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Harry Potter Tattoo by raion-rose Harry Potter Tattoo by raion-rose
Hello everyone!

This is my interpretation of Angel0425inAlaskaīs Harry Potter Tattoo idea, well at least one of her ideas.
If you want to find out about her other ideas you will have to search for them on

Her comes her description as a quote:
"This is the tattoo I am hoping to get, it's kinda hard to explain but I will try LOL- get the sign for the deathly hallows as the background (the triangle with the circle in the middle and the line going through the center, its shown as the chapter art for chapter 21 in the American version).
Then above the top of the triangle get the initials HP in that same lettering I talked about before.
Next along the outside of the 2 side lines of the triangle get the spell words Expecto and Patronum (one word on each side of the triangle).
Then in the middle of the circle of the triangle have Harry's Patronus stag form (have the artist leave it the color of your skin or fill in with white) and have them make the circle filled in with black around the outside of the stag.
Lastly, under the bottom of the triangle have a golden snitch with those words "I Open At The Close." "

Now I admit that I did not use the lettering she mentioned because I simply donīt have it/ didnīt know it and I didnīt fill the circle completely but allowed it to darken like the glow the partonus provides...

Anyway let me know what you think about it ;)

Harry Potter belongs to J.K.Rowling
The Tattoo idea belongs to Angel0425inAlaska
The design is mine so please donīt use it without asking permission first :nod:
PersonWhoDrawsThings Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2010
Awesome design, seems to match the description pretty well :thumbsup:
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September 24, 2007
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